MediaKind launches CE Mini to provide cost-efficient, rapidly deployable video contribution encoding for live events

  • Designed for video contribution covering live sporting, government and educational events, the compact, low power CE Mini encoder is simple to use and easy to deploy
  • Enables quality video acquisition using HEVC or MPEG-4 AVC video compression and securely delivers content over managed IP networks or via the open internet
  • The high performance, cost-efficient, single-channel contribution encoding product provides additional value within MediaKind’s Live Contribution solution

FRISCO, TEXAS – October 29, 2020 – MediaKind, a global change leader in media technology and services, announces the launch of the CE Mini, a high performance, rapidly deployable, single-channel contribution encoder. CE Mini addresses the demands of live content contribution at temporary live events, such as college campus transmissions and ‘pop-up’ sports broadcasts, offering cost-efficient, low-power encoding in a portable, compact form unit.

The latest product addition to MediaKind’s Live Contribution solution, CE Mini provides quality video contribution using HEVC or MPEG-4 AVC video compression. It facilitates the delivery of content over managed IP networks or via the open internet, making it suitable for content acquisition into both production and streaming workflows. The cost-effective contribution appliance adds support for encoding HD content, with the ability to securely deliver over managed networks using Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) and Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP).

Raul Aldrey, Chief Product Officer, MediaKind, said: “With the launch of CE Mini, we can provide our customers with a highly portable, miniature offering which delivers targeted single-channel, compact form encoding. This competitive, low-cost contribution appliance is simple to use and easy to deploy. Whether it’s for contribution over managed IP networks and into public cloud instances, or for pushing live video to social media and streaming platforms, CE Mini responds to the needs of all broadcasters and TV service providers delivering smaller-scale live events.”

CE Mini effortlessly connects to professional or prosumer cameras via an in-built SDI and HDMI input interface for quick and straightforward deployment. It generates an IP encapsulated MPEG transport stream output with SRT error correction and security or an RTMP output. The unit’s compact form-factor, low power consumption, and ‘set and forget’ connectivity means that broadcasters can deploy quickly in portable applications and ensure quick setup and tear-down between live events.
Earlier this month, MediaKind also announced the launch of the CE1, a next-generation media contribution encoder based on cloud-ready software, coupled with hardware acceleration. The CE1 ensures delivery of more extensive, demanding live event coverage and Remote/At-Home Production, with support for UHD, SMPTE ST 2110, SRT, and BISS-CA, strengthening the Live Contribution solution with enhanced IP interoperability and security over managed and unmanaged networks.

Both the CE1 and CE Mini integrate seamlessly with MediaKind’s cloud-based and SaaS streaming solutions, including Aquila Streaming. This ability enables a holistic media workflow where live event content is acquired and then processed further with industry-leading encoding and packaging instances to deliver streaming services directly to consumers.

Aldrey added: “This month’s launch of the CE1 and CE Mini enables us to support and serve our entire customer base in the contribution space. They have been designed with flexibility in mind, integrating effortlessly into our portfolio of as-a-Service solutions to provide all customers with access to complete media workflows. From multi-channel live sports to localized one-off public, educational or governmental events, these two products offer the necessary power, scale, and flexibility to enable broadcasters and TV service providers of all sizes to deliver first-class live event coverage.”


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