Life at MediaKind

Here at MediaKind, there is no shortage of kindness to be shared and no limits to what you can achieve. Our mission is to acquire amazing talent and deliver a dynamic journey so that you can experience extraordinary with us. We are a resilient team of innovators, builders, shakers and leaders.
We are MediaKind.


A great workplace combines innovative
culture, excellent colleagues, and infinite opportunities!

When it comes to hiring talent, we look for innovators. We are inspired, passionate and ready to adapt at speed. We look for professionals who see the world differently, who find opportunities where others don’t, who look within themselves and understand that while collaborating together, anything is possible.

We design and deliver media products and services that bring the world closer together. We are a diverse, global team working together, elevating MediaKind to the next level. MediaKind’s technology and expertise powers live streaming without limits, in the highest quality, at scale.

Our Holistic Approach
to Employee Benefits


Financial Wellbeing

MediaKind offers competitive pay, a generous annual bonus plan and retirement benefits to ensure your financial needs are met now and in the future.

You Deserve
a Break

You Deserve a Break

We provide paid time off and paid holidays (including your birthday) so you can rest and recharge in a way that’s meaningful to you.

Work from

Work from Anywhere

We value flexibility, that means avoiding the commute and having ownership over when and where you work.


Continuous Learning

With access to over 5,000 learning courses on LinkedIn Learning and our own MediaKind Academy of custom materials, MediaKind employees are encouraged to explore their professional interests and develop further.

Physical Health &
Mental Wellness

Physical Health & Mental Wellness

With rich healthcare and life insurance options to support you and your family, we ensure competitive plan design and healthy employer contribution.

on Family

Emphasis on Family

We realize family time and baby bonding is precious. That’s why we offer paid parental leave to parents and guardians at MediaKind.

Paid Volunteer

Paid Volunteer Time

We pride ourselves on building connections in the office and in our communities. MediaKindness Day encourages the spirit of service, supporting our employees with paid time off for volunteering events.

True Global

True Global Immersion

With employees in nearly every continent, across 32 countries, representing over 50 different cultures, our teams are diversified, offering a unique experience and no limits to what we can learn from each other.

Enriching Community for All

Enriching Community for All

Through wellness groups, clubs and employee resource groups, we foster a community where everyone can belong. No matter how globally dispersed we are physically, you can feel the togetherness here.

Rewarding Social Engagement

Rewarding Social Engagement

We’re all about fun! Trading in virtual screen time for face time brings us together in meaningful ways to support our communities, celebrate local events or recognize major milestones.

MediaKindness | Wellness Without Limits

Here at MediaKind, the health, safety and overall wellbeing of our employees and their families is always a top priority. MediaKindness is our employee wellness program created to uniquely support our global community. Powered by our Wellness Champions, MediaKindness features resources, initiatives and opportunities to connect in all aspects of wellbeing. From physical fitness clubs that provide us encouragement, to social clubs that engage our personal hobbies, to unique webinars and resources to support financial and emotional health, with MediaKindness there’s always an opportunity to rally behind our common goal of balance and wellness.​

Fun Without Limits

I love working at MediaKind because of the team and people I work with. And when I say that, I think of the mutual respect, my colleagues’ willingness to help one another, camaraderie, opportunity to learn from one another, all in a very diverse and global environment.

Vladimir Jakobac

Product, USA

I value how everyone is given the freedom to be in control in what works best for them individually. At MediaKind there is a leadership team not afraid to make bold decisions and lead the company for tomorrow’s marketplace.

Dave West

Sales, UK

MediaKind is a global leader in the TV & Media space and is without a doubt the best place to work for the transparency, development, and recognition of its employees.

Luciano Oliveira

Sales, Brazil

What’s Happening at MediaKind

Life at MediaKind

Life at MediaKind

Life at MediaKind

Life at MediaKind

Builders, Innovators and Leaders


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