Demonstrating the strength of the MediaKind Channel Partner Program

Demonstrating the strength of the MediaKind Channel Partner Program

By Narayanan Rajan, VP Global Channel Partner Sales, MediaKind March 15, 2021 | 3 min read
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Last week, MediaKind announced that it partnered with New Digital Technology Group (NDT) to deliver archive 4K UHD content for Beijing Radio & Television’s (BTV) winter sporting event channel. Building a high-quality, standards-based workflow for the delivery of 4K UHD content was no mean feat, and it required us to draw upon our long-standing heritage in coding, compression, and 4K transmission.

By integrating our leading solutions – including the AVP 4000 HEVC encoder, MK RX1 multi-codec multi-service professional decoder, and AVP 1000 Stream Processor – within NDT’s IP-based hybrid architecture, we set up and ensured BTV’s satellite broadcast channel was on-air in less than three months.

You can find further details on this announcement here.

The MediaKind Channel Partner Program

We pride ourselves at MediaKind on our market expertise and reputation, which we believe is second-to-none, spanning from the earliest digital video compression to the latest, cutting-edge multi-screen television platforms and network technologies. Our partnership with NDT is a testament to this and provides a fantastic endorsement of our innovative Channel Partner Program.

The MediaKind Channel Partner Program comprises a network of industry-leading resellers and integrators, each of whom is qualified to design, sell, deploy and support MediaKind-based solutions. The program provides impactful go-to-market tools, support, and marketing development funds, as well as access to the insights of one of the most extensive R&D and Innovation teams in this space. But the feedback and information our partners provide is just as crucial. These foundations help to build trust and commitment around this joint success-based partnership. It also enables us to formulate and execute mutually beneficial business plans, which deliver the profitability and benefits our partners expect. Every voice in our community matters – it’s what drives improvement and inspires change.

This continual refinement of the program has led to new focuses on products, services, and the ease with which we do business. With products, for example, we have found ways to address ease of licensing, simplifying processes, and making deployment workflows straight-forward. From a services point of view, we’re offering better access to the right resources to ensure we can provide the right level of help when deploying and configuring new solutions. From a business perspective, we’re continually looking for ways to make things faster. And from a system perspective, we have developments right now that will eventually help reduce installation complexity and enable our partners to liaise with their customers and us more quickly.

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One of the critical areas that we’re addressing today, of course, is facilitating the migration of our existing legacy appliances to newer ones that use microservices-based software and the latest appliance hardware. While we understand cloud adoption rates will vary widely across the globe, it is a top priority for media organizations. As my MediaKind colleague Allen Broome, CTO, mentioned last year, “over the next three to five years, we expect the move to the cloud to encompass everything from full end-to-end media processing, production, editing, and distribution.”

This new flexible appliance configuration can unlock new added value for our partners, their customer base, as well as helping them to become a primary stakeholder in the wider media industry journey to the cloud. This shift to flexible cloud-based solutions will ultimately improve our partners’ top and bottom lines.

Throughout 2021, I plan to blog regularly on the latest developments and updates on our Channel Partner Program. I’m keen to hear any thoughts or questions that you may have – please click here for further information about our program, or feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn for more details.

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