Ericsson Media Solutions in 2018: Our mission to advance video service delivery (part 2)

Ericsson Media Solutions in 2018: Our mission to advance video service delivery (part 2)

By Mark Russell, CTO & Head of Strategy, Media Solutions, Ericsson February 7, 2018 | 2 min read

In part one we set out how we will establish Media Solutions as a leading independent video technology company. We now want to share more about our mission to advance video service delivery with our state-of-the-art infrastructure and software.

We already have the most complete portfolio on the market, with Emmy award-winning hardware and software video compression, next generation advertising and content personalization solutions, high efficiency Cloud DVR and innovative TV and video delivery platforms.

All of our next-generation software products, platforms and services have been reengineered to support rapidly evolving media consumption patterns, with Microservices-based software and managed services that can be deployed in both public and private cloud infrastructures. By developing industry-specific technology, we can help all service providers to take a more powerful and flexible approach to the TV Everywhere market, and enable high-quality and cost-effective solutions that respond to the need for video delivery across multiple formats, platforms and devices.

As we make the transition into becoming our own company, our entire organization is working hard to ensure we continue to deliver the highest-quality and most efficient service to our customers around the world.

Our technology and innovative service solutions open new pathways to an array of market opportunities including:

  • The MediaFirst TV Platform, a cloud-based media platform that offers the critical ability for the flexible creation, management and delivery of video experiences. Through cloud technology and a DevOps approach, MediaFirst TV Platform offers the most agile TV platform experience and responds to the growth of OTT and VOD services and capabilities.
  • Mediaroom, the world’s number one IPTV platform, offering a comprehensive and graphically rich user experience to managed IPTV set-top boxes. Through our continued commitment to invest in and innovate Mediaroom, we are able to deploy the solution with on-premise infrastructure and deliver over managed networks to subscribers’ set-top-boxes for linear, VOD, Time Shift TV as well as optional Cloud DVR, and multi-screen services.
  • A multi-award winning media processing portfolio. Our hardware and software solutions are responding to the rise of high-value formats such as UHD and HDR. Our cloud native top-performance video compression software drives ultimate bandwidth efficiency while and making best use of an operators’ capacity.
  • A response to the IoT and smart home market, offering TV service providers opportunities to build on their customer trust and experience of in home service management. By taking a unified approach, it’s possible to make TV the gateway to IoT and smart home market.
  • Our Video Storage and Processing Platform (VSPP) Cloud DVR, which provides world leading performance and scalability for private copy, shared copy and OD applications, with additional advanced solutions, including stream personalization and network optimization.
  • Applications in 360 video, offering new monetization potential and enabling broadcasters to increase consumer engagement by giving viewers control over the scene and more immersive and active viewing experiences.

We are focused on supporting our market leading and award-winning portfolio and providing trusted, premium end-to-end offerings. Through driving R&D and continually innovating, we are developing the most scalable, highest performance and cost-effective media solutions in the industry. With a clear vision for the future of media and entertainment, our business is designed to drive success for our customers.

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