MediaKind 2020 Review: In conversation with Matt McConnell

MediaKind 2020 Review: In conversation with Matt McConnell

By Matt McConnell, CEO, MediaKind December 16, 2020 | 2 min read
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You never quite know what you will find behind closed doors when starting at a new organization, even at the best of times. Yet, despite joining MediaKind as CEO in the middle of a global pandemic back in July this year, I can confirm that there’s a real feeling of reinvigoration and excitement about what we’re doing across the business. These past six months have been great fun, which is why the time has felt like it’s flown by so quickly! I could not be prouder to be leading such a dynamic, diverse, and innovative team of media enthusiasts – the team’s passion, commitment, and quality has been awe-inspiring.

As we move towards the end of 2020, it seemed an appropriate moment to take stock and reassess where we are. So, earlier this week, I sat down with Lisa Aussieker, VP and Head of Marketing and Communications at MediaKind, to discuss and reflect on what has been a genuinely unprecedented year. Watch the video above to learn more about:

Looking to the future – MediaKind in 2021

I probably speak for everyone worldwide when I say that I’m looking forward to this year coming to an end. But what we have achieved, both as an organization and as an industry as a whole, is highly commendable. It’s been the same for our customers too, many of whom I have been fortunate enough to speak with over the past few months. By aligning our focus, understanding unique business cases, and delivering remarkable innovations, we have tackled this tough environment together. We have all kept our chins up, evolved, and adapted our strategies based on the cards we have been dealt – and we have moved forward.

Over time, we will all see the benefits and appreciate the efforts made during 2020, and in many ways, it has made MediaKind stronger – both from a business and cultural perspective. Again, I give so much credit to the team. As our Chief People Officer, Dave Medrano, mentioned on our blog a few weeks ago, the MediaKind family has embraced its own ‘MediaKindness’ over the past nine months. For me, the hallmark of any successful business is about putting people first.

The foundations that we’ve set this year leave us in robust shape. Nevertheless, I look forward to putting 2020 in the closet for good so that we can concentrate on what lies ahead. I’m very optimistic about where we are going!

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