MediaKind announces SFR Business wins international tender to host its IT infrastructure

MediaKind announces SFR Business wins international tender to host its IT infrastructure

By Damien Montessuit, Senior Vice President, Global Sales, MediaKind July 22, 2021 | 2 min read
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We have enjoyed a longstanding collaboration with Altice France’s SFR group in Europe. In fact, earlier this year, we announced how SFR had extended its deployment of our Video Storage and Processing Platform (VSPP) solution to deliver live OTT coverage of the 2020/21 Champions League soccer tournament.

But today I’m pleased to announce a very different piece of news! On this occasion, MediaKind has selected SFR Business to host our IT infrastructures in Europe.

Why did we choose SFR Business to host MediaKind’s IT infrastructure?

The decision was two-fold. First, SFR Business has deep expertise in accommodating large IT systems, colocation, and inter-site migrations. However, it also has the power of an interconnected ecosystem of partners who can provide the most complete and flexible responses possible to potential IT failures. Above all else, we recognize that SFR Business is a leading player in terms of hosting solutions, and it is fully equipped with an extensive network of data centers throughout France.

SFR’s end-to-end outsourcing offering brings together the necessary space, the management, and re-urbanization of the computer rooms, and full project management of our IT systems over the next four years. Built on a single, ultra-secure, and highly certified site based in the Île-de-France region, SFR Business will host our entire IT infrastructure, which is made up of 110 computer bays.

This replaces the four existing European production sites that MediaKind previously operated from. In addition, SFR Business will also be providing MediaKind with a second data center located in the west of France, which will be used primarily to respond to regional issues. By consolidating our RD data centers, our teams will be able to develop new cloud-based media services and foster innovation much earlier in the technology development process, supplementing our inherent agile methodology.

Working alongside an ecosystem of premium partners

We are pleased to announce that LMS, a recognized expert in the field of IT transport, will be working alongside SFR Business to help overcome the technical and complex challenges behind physically relocating our IT infrastructure. SFR Business will also be working alongside Equinix, the world leader in digital infrastructure across several continents.

We are delighted to extend our long-standing collaboration with SFR Business and to be working alongside its ecosystem of premium partners. Our decision to choose SFR was captured well by my colleague Raghu Marthi, MediaKind’s Chief Information Officer, who commented: “Working with the best experts in the field and with a strong ecosystem of diverse partners, SFR is the natural choice to host MediaKind’s IT infrastructure. It’s able to deploy large-scale, tailor-made, and turnkey projects all while being managed from a single point of contact. We look forward to continuing our partnership with SFR over the next four years!”

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