MediaKind: The story behind our new global media technology brand name

MediaKind: The story behind our new global media technology brand name

By Arun Bhikshesvaran, CMO, MediaKind July 24, 2018 | 3 min read
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I was delighted to be a part of our recent live global webcast event which announced the launch of our new brand. We are now MediaKind – a new global media technology leader – and we are setting out a new path for the TV and media industry. Our new brand identity arrives at time when technology is constantly advancing, becoming faster, smarter and more efficient – uniting billions of people all over the world and allowing us, as users, to consume more media with greater ease, every day.

The Media and Entertainment Industry = A Hybrid Model

But what’s in a name? In our view, media should transform the way we see the world and offer opportunities to experience stories and understand life in all its vibrancy. It should captivate audiences, change perceptions and bring us together. The power of media should inspire, influence and be truly immersive – and this what we wanted our new identity to embody.

As part of the rebranding process we consulted several hundred employees, carefully assessing their responses and the different attributes they saw within our team. One of the questions we asked was: “If we were an automobile – what would we be?” The majority of respondents informed us we should be a hybrid. For me, this hybrid model reflects the position the media and entertainment industry finds itself today:

  • Live TV remains a key component in our daily lives
  • Over-the-top (OTT) is increasingly growing in terms of mindshare and market share
  • The impact of mobility is influencing a whole variety of our interactions and viewing habits

MediaKind: A reflection of our values

By bringing media and kindness together, we have built a significant hybrid identity of our own. The first name – Media – is what we live and breathe. It’s our DNA. The second name shows what we want to do for human kind. MediaKind is a compelling, global identity which reflects far more than just a new name, logo or brand. It’s a reflection of our shared set of values that underpin everything about who we are and what we represent.

It elicits a sense of freedom, mirroring our adventurous independent spirit, alongside our commitment to supporting and leading our customers. MediaKind also describes the type of people we are and the togetherness of our team, which is approachable, friendly and built on a spirit of true collaboration. This has been the foundation from which we have built our highly capable workforce; they are skilled, experienced and have been widely recognized through multiple awards for our groundbreaking technologies.

We are MediaKind – everyone, everywhere

Our new brand identity reflects the fantastic vision we have for our industry and for society as a whole. MediaKind has the right technologies, an outstanding team and deep media know-how – a combination that will enable us to provide the leadership our customers need during a period of great transformation to a new multiscreen, on-demand and immersive world of entertainment.

We continue to imagine the unimaginable and we are motivated by the opportunity to drive the human entertainment experience further forward. We are media people. Media technology innovation runs in our system and quite simply, we are the best media-kind-of people you can see in the world.

As we move towards IBC 2018, we will share our deeper insights into our next generation solutions and applications and reveal how we plan to help our customers differentiate and deliver the immersive media experiences that brings together everyone, everywhere with the content they love.

You can watch the July 10 unveiling of the new MediaKind brand launch again via our global webcast, which is now available on-demand here.

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