NAB Show New York Preview: Powering FOX’s Next-Generation Distribution Networks

NAB Show New York Preview: Powering FOX’s Next-Generation Distribution Networks

By Ed Giovannini, VP, Broadcaster Sales U.S. at MediaKind October 16, 2020 | 2 min read
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Satellite has long been the preferred distribution choice for broadcasters, particularly in North America. It offers a secure and reliable means of delivering demanding, high-quality video to thousands of locations around the country. Yet, it is becoming clear that broadcasters and operators require a far more agile and flexible infrastructure that is both backward and forward compatible. The digital revolution has thrown the industry into an exciting period of disruption, innovation, and transition – yet this also means broadcasters need to adapt quickly to ensure they remain competitive in a fragmented market.

Bridging the Gap

 Broadcasters have a unique opportunity to break away from legacy hardware. New software advancements offer significant cost efficiencies alongside long-term functionality. By embracing the benefits of the cloud, broadcasters can future-ready their distribution network and deliver the highest quality media experiences to their customers.

Dynamic cloud-based solutions are now available to evolve distribution workflows to accommodate this market overhaul. Remote production workflows and hybrid cloud environments have proved invaluable to our broadcast customers, reducing the need for on-site crew and equipment and significantly increasing the flexibility of their operations. Meanwhile, cloud technologies and SaaS infrastructures give networks, especially those carrying high-value live sporting events, the ability to streamline their business models and embrace the flexibility and agility needed to boost their operations.

Harnessing Innovation

As viewers change the way they consume media content, broadcasters need to change with them to ensure they provide new, more compelling, and higher quality viewing experiences. MediaKind is supporting FOX Corporation with this transition, collaborating with AWS Media Services to deliver a high-performance primary distribution solution for the national broadcaster.

Through the integration of MediaKind’s container-based, next-generation content delivery solution with AWS Media Services, we are enabling FOX Corporation to migrate its existing distribution network to a next-generation satellite-based network today, while future-proofing for cloud-based IP distribution tomorrow. The deployment will enable FOX Corporation to deliver HD and UHD services—including live sports, news, and entertainment—to hundreds of affiliate TV stations and thousands of operator headends across the US. The innovative hybrid cloud/on-premises solution comprises several leading technologies from the MediaKind Universe, including MediaKind Encoding Live, MediaKind Stream Processing, Director 128, and RX1.

On Monday, October 19 (1.30pm ET), I am delighted to be taking to the (virtual!) stage at NAB Show New York to discuss this exciting project, joined by FOX Corporation’s SVP Distribution Engineering & Architecture, Alastair Hamilton. Together, we will discuss why FOX Corporation opted to upgrade its existing platform, and some of the key improvements and benefits the migration from a purpose-built hardware architecture to a COTS-based software architecture will bring. We will share our predictions for the deployment and growth of 4K UHD, the impact of COVID-19 on the project, and much more!

For further details and to watch the event: Register here!

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