Stream TV Preview: Redefining the Viewer Experience in a Multi-Device World

Stream TV Preview: Redefining the Viewer Experience in a Multi-Device World

By Mark Ramberg, Group Vice President, Products, MediaKind June 15, 2021 | 2 min read
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As the world of TV continues to move full throttle into a streaming-first narrative, new challenges arise for all participants in the end-to-end video ecosystem. The fragmentation of the streaming landscape pulls into question novel obstacles that streaming services and device manufacturers have not had to consider before. How can streaming services ensure a seamless and consistent experience across a variety of platforms? What does the relationship between device manufacturers and content providers look like? How can media platforms help users find the content they want when they want it?

Delivering a streaming service at scale

Having recently come from leading product management for the video platform at Hulu/Disney, I understand what it takes to build a world-class streaming service – and it’s often underestimated how difficult that can be. Until perhaps more recently, content studios haven’t had the in-house expertise needed to build and operate large-scale streaming services to a high quality. This has led to a massive consolidation within the media industry, where traditional content houses partner and acquire streaming specialists to modernize their business models.

Building and operating a best-in-class streaming service is one thing. Delivering it at scale to potentially millions of viewers across a plethora of screens and devices adds a layer of complexity that poses a challenge even to the most competent of in-house teams. Particularly in delivering live content – such as sports and concerts – most content holders will need to rely on technology and service providers who can bring expertise in cloud-based solutions and platform management.

Multi-device viewing offers enormous benefits for both the brand and the consumer – and it’s a trend that’s here to stay. The desire of content owners to have a direct relationship with consumers will only drive increased vertical integration. How they get there often comes down to companies asking themselves whether they are a content or technology company.

Join me at Stream TV Show on Thursday June 17!

If you’re interested in hearing about the evolving viewer experience in the age of streaming and second-screens, join me at the upcoming Stream TV Show on Thursday, June 17, 12:25 pm EDT. I will be part of a panel titled “Redefining the Viewer Experience in a Multi-Device World,” where I’ll join Bitmovin’s Tom Kuppinen, A+E Networks Abhishek Nerella, Google TV’s Shobana Radhakrishnan, moderated by Ring Digital’s Brian Ring. Register for the event for free here.

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