The key benefits of moving media services to the cloud

The key benefits of moving media services to the cloud

By Tony Jones, Principal Technologist, MediaKind January 4, 2022 | 2 min read
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A happy new year to you all! This year will herald a very keen focus around the key benefits of moving media services to the cloud. The primary reason for doing so is quite simple; to achieve faster time to market. If we look at the media market overall, we can see that streaming service providers who have made big inroads into the media space over the last few years have taken advantage of cloud technology to deliver new capabilities for their services quickly. This, in turn, has set the market expectations for what’s feasibly possible and enabled a competitive environment throughout the media space.

The rise of the cloud in 2022

These trends also give rise to new commercial models as well. The traditional ties into more static infrastructure are being eliminated, which is allowing us, at MediaKind, to do things with much greater agility. For me, that’s the key benefit of cloud technology – lots, and lots, of flexibility. Of course, scalability is also important, but that is often discussed at great length, so is well understood.

Another, perhaps even more crucial benefit for media businesses sits behind the scenes: it is the automation that enables cloud applications to be deployed and lifecycle managed, and which also makes those deployments repeatable, adding to the confidence that you get what you intend. Automation makes the continuous integration and continuous release process operate effectively, making it possible to deliver software to the marketplace with confidence and at a very high velocity.

The points above help frame the conversation that myself, and my colleague Richard Mansfield, Product Management Director, had with IABM’s Lead Research Analyst, Lorenzo Zanni, in a recent interview for IABM TV, which you can watch below. Please reach out to me via LinkedIn if you would like to discuss any of the topics covered.

Also watch out for the next MediaKind Max video chapter which provides a great view of this topic in his usual, simple-to-understand, animated way!

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