A&T Trade Music SIA

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Website : http://www.attrade-pro.com/

“A&T TRADE headquartered in Beverly Hills USA, was established in 1990 and quickly grew to become the largest integrator and distributor of professional audio and video equipment, TV and radio broadcasting systems, and satellite communication systems in Russia, the CIS countries, and the Baltic states.

Our activity in Latvia began with the company selling musical instruments and professional audio systems by world-known, global brands such as KORG, SURE, and Ibanez (more detailed information is available at www.attrademusic.lv)

In 1998, our company extended its activities into high tech, and the rest as they say- is history! We are actively developing a presence in EU markets, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kirghizia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan, providing:

Office Location

Matisa Str. 65-1, Riga, LV-1009, Latvia

Primary Sales Contact

Valery Titov

Email: vtitov@attrade.lv, office@attrade.lv

Mobile: +37167631148

  • Project design for new technology implementations for broadcasting systems, supply, and installation of broadcast equipment, antenna-feeder device, Microwave Relays, optical networks for streams distribution, satellite communication systems;
  • Turn-key solutions of both necessary hardware supply and installation, and software supply;
  • Satellite equipment for Internet access;
  • Supply of the professional audio and video equipment including design and acoustic calculations;
  • Video walls (on LED modules)
  • Audio and video studios, including acoustic design/calculation;
  • Mobile and fixed TV Stations design and installation

A&T Trade ensures its staff is well-trained, that they stay well-informed of new solutions impacting the broadcast and telecommunication markets, and that they attend related trade shows such as IBC, NAB, etc. These activities allow our team to successfully win many different projects, implementing the newest technologies, resulting in many satisfied customers in our region.

Solution Expertise

We offer a variety of MediaKind products and solutions, including Contribution and Distribution, Aquila On-Demand, Aquila Streaming, PRISMA, and VSPP”

A&T Trade Music SIA