DIEM Technologies S.r.L. part of Lutech S.p.A. Group

Partner Tier : Platinum
Website : http://www.diemtech.com/

Since the early 2000’s, DIEM Technologies has operated in the Italian Broadcasting Market and developed deep expertise in the area of content transport – both in the context of contribution and distribution.

They are a leading provider of solutions for the reliable transmission of content via both satellite and landlines, among customer sites, and for the distribution of the content to the end-users via DTT, DTH, and now OTT.
In late 2018, Lutech S.p.A., one of the leading Italian ICT Solution Providers and System Integrators, to complement their offering in the telco and media markets, acquired DIEM Technologies to leverage the synergies between the competencies of both the companies.

“We plan to evolve in the broadcaster world integrating the distribution infrastructure with playout/production environments and the OTT world, facilitating the transition to cloud-based solutions, and enabling new consumption habits and business models.

Our vision is to be one of the leading European players in the Digital Evolution. We aim to utilize our unique ability to combine understanding of the market with the breadth of our solution portfolio, supported by rock-solid technical competencies, a quick time-to-market, and, last but not least, our competitive prices.”

Office Location

Via del Commercio 27, 16167 Genova, Italy

Primary Sales Contact

Alessandro Pirovano

Email: a.pirovano@lutech.it, sales@diemtech.com

Mobile: +39 335 520 5720 – +39 010 329 1531

Solution Expertise

“Our personnel, both technical and sales representatives, are involved in a process of continuous training and updating on MediaKind’s solutions with the target to define the best possible technical/economical service to customer needs.

Our laboratories provide the best post-sales technical support in case of need, performing first-level diagnostics and repairs, and coordinating the quickest intervention of MediaKind technical assistance.

We are actively involved in demos to customers related to the latest technologies (AVP, RX1, CE, CE Mini) and we have a Google Cloud Lab where we can demonstrate the complete functionalities of an HE (Encoders, Muxes, and related control plane).”

DIEM Technologies S.r.L. part of Lutech S.p.A. Group