Ericsson Media Solutions: Transforming Television at NAB Show 2018

Ericsson Media Solutions: Transforming Television at NAB Show 2018

By Arun Bhikshesvaran, Chief Marketing Officer, Ericsson Media Solutions April 5, 2018 | 4 min read

There are just days to go before we hit the strip towards the Las Vegas Convention Center for NAB Show 2018. This year’s show is a particularly special one for Ericsson Media Solutions; it represents the first step in our journey to become a global leader in media solutions in collaboration with One Equity Partners. We’re very excited to the extent that we have launched an all-new site, dedicated to explaining how we intend to transform television and what we have in store between April 9-12 in Las Vegas. Take a look here.

We are in the greatest ever period of transformation

Consumer appetite for all forms of video entertainment continues to grow at a staggering pace. This growth also places unique requirements for all forms of television. Live TV is at the early stage of transformation to provide immersive experiences using UHD and mixed reality capabilities. On-demand television has clearly matured to multi-screen and continues its transformation journey by integrating to cloud-based services for intuitive discovery and community capabilities. Content providers are embracing the OTT route to deliver their unique value on a direct-to-consumer basis. Processing, storage and rendering are expected to be cloud-native and support all forms of TV without sacrificing the classic instantaneous experience.

Our software, hardware and cloud-native services offer combined capabilities that are unmatched; and we continue to drive innovation to enable our customers to cater to the growing needs of consumers. While we master the contemporary needs, we are also hard at work imagining, prototyping and developing solutions that push the frontier of media technology. We are excited about the opportunities that lay in front of our industry.

What do we have in store at NAB Show 2018?

This year sees us setting out to demonstrate the industry’s leading and most innovative media solutions for TV operators, broadcasters and content owners. We are ready to show you how you can realize the potential of this transformation and the future we have envisioned, where standards-based integrated end-to-end solutions offer the best possible media experiences everywhere, for everyone, at every stage of the video journey.

We believe that the Transformation of TV is centered on four distinct themes:

  • Evolved: Delivering end-to-end solutions that are available now, allowing TV service providers to evolve and rise as true industry players while competing and differentiating on the Media stage. Our solutions are designed for future flexibility while providing a robust evolution pathway from current and legacy systems.
  • Envisioned: Stepping out of a comfort zone to think differently and seek new ways to enable service providers to move the human entertainment experience forward by making it richer, more interactive and immersive.
  • Everywhere: Delivering and differentiating content from everywhere, to everywhere across any network, enabling the consumer to watch their favorite team win that important match or to be engrossed in that big not-to-miss global event.
  • For Everyone: Empowering the media industry with the right hardware and software delivery solutions to make media accessible to all.

Discover our portfolio on booth #SU720

Despite the effect of rapid digitization, the marked changes in service distribution, the influence of new technologies, standards and rising industry players, the TV consumer remains at the epicenter of the TV and media industry today. We are seeing reinvention across the entire dynamic media ecosystem, as consumers find new ways to discover, watch and share video content whenever and wherever they like they like.

Based on these developments and insights, we have transformed Ericsson Media Solutions’ portfolio with a cloud-enabled, standards-based integrated end-to-end roadmap. Put simply, we have both the hardware and software solutions that directly respond to this period of enormous change.

At our NAB Show booth, we are demonstrating how our solutions and services respond to this journey across four clearly defined zones:

  • Contribution & Broadcast (ZONE 1): A showcase of the company’s end-to-end UHD contribution and delivery from camera to final distribution; how we are evolving broadcast with ATSC 3.0; the development of new industry standards with solutions for an all-IP world; distributed cloud contribution and how cloud technology is reshaping the contribution landscape.
  • Direct to Consumer (ZONE 2): A demonstration of Ericsson Media Solutions’ high efficiency on-demand content delivery; virtualized broadcast operations; a fully integrated and converged OTT and broadcast ecosystem (including the recent Frost & Sullivan Market Leadership Award winning MediaFirst Video Processing Platform); self-service and customized management platform and analytics; and content personalization and advertising.
  • Consumer Experience (ZONE 3): The debut of our company’s complete end-to-end UHD ecosystem and how this will delight the consumer; a focus on the full potential of MediaFirst TV Platform; the delivery and result of ultimate compression performance and fully optimized picture quality; and the enhanced evolution of the Mediaroom platform.
  • TV Vision (ZONE 4): An outline of our company’s vision for the next big consumer experience, showcasing technology developments for real consumer applications delivering high quality broadcast content, augmented with 360 video as a complementary second screen application.

Come and visit us!

Have we sparked your interest in a particular zone? Are you interested in what Ericsson Media Solutions is showcasing?

We anticipate we will play host to over 1100 visitors at our booth from more than 30 countries. With 100+ on-site meetings in-store, there will be plenty of work for our baristas and bar staff too– last year they served over 9000 coffees, beers and other beverages across four days!

My colleagues and I look forward to welcoming you next week – see you on the show floor!

To contact Ericsson Media Solutions, please email us at:

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