NAB Show BEITC Preview: Distributed Cloud Technology for Broadcast System

NAB Show BEITC Preview: Distributed Cloud Technology for Broadcast System

By Tony Jones, Principal Technologist, MediaKind March 22, 2019 | 2 min read
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Today, innovators such as Netflix, Spotify and Hulu have built growing and substantial businesses that are almost 100% cloud centric. However, the next era may see concepts that merge ideas such as Ultra-High Definition, Augmented and Virtual Reality. They will all undoubtedly include cloud technology but maybe not as we think of it today!

The old paradigm of the cloud as a central resource for compute and storage still offers many advantages but certain workloads, especially in broadcasting and media, require more nuanced approaches. This includes hybrid options and adapted, distributed cloud topologies that overcome limitations such as performing a function that can be achieved much more efficiently close to the source or destination.

In areas such as contribution networks, thought needs to be given to how best to provision connectivity including dynamic links that can scale in line with demand and changing business models and to instantiate the necessary functionality in the right places around a distributed system, while gaining from the operational benefits that cloud technology offers.

As more media services move from linear broadcast to over-the-top (OTT), many of which use cloud service providers for infrastructure, gaining an understanding of the strengths, weaknesses and limitations of cloud will be a vital skill for business leaders. Yet the first obstacle is not technology but a recognition that cloud technology has greater potential than just a traditional data center. Instead, it is part of a longer journey that has always seen the TV as a pioneer from the perspective of the consumer.

Join me at NAB Show on Sunday April 7 2019 (10:40am-12:00) at #N260-D, to learn more about Distributed Cloud Technology for Broadcast Systems. Discover how the development of cloud technology, alongside the move to all-IP for media transport, is helping to drive a revolution in both broadcast network distribution and contribution links, and through the faster rollout that comes with microservices architectures. I will also discuss:

  • How cloud technology enables more agility
  • Why using a distributed topology with cloud technology can change the shape of a cluster
  • How network connections can be applied for distributed clouds
  • And why industry players should consider applying distributed cloud technology to broadcast network distribution and dynamically provisioned contribution links

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