Cygnus Distribution

Cygnus Distribution

The Cygnus Distribution solution from MediaKind enables a quality viewing experience by reliably and securely delivering the highest quality Live services through primary distribution networks to TV Service providers.

Broadcasters, content owners, and service providers can now access a secure technology that can enable them to transmit thousands of channels of high quality content to millions of receiving devices around the world. Being able to meet the changing consumer demands and ensure operational flexibility, it is important to deliver personalized content to maximize the return on investment. Also, broadcasters have to meet the growing requirement from subscribers in the multi-screen entertainment era, there is an urgent need for flexible processing applications that can be configured to provide many different resolutions. It enables secure, cost-effective distribution of live content to broadcasters and operators via satellite and IP networks.

Driving Codec Efficiency – Breaking down the bits

Media Content Distribution

Key Values

Any Network

Provides a flexible, future-proof solution with an easy low risk migration path from satellite to IP distribution.

Securing highly valuable content

Enables regionalization and local ad insertion either centrally at the head-end or at the network edge.

Personalized experience

Offers the latest content protection technology to secure highly valuable content.

Key Values for the Consumer

Ensuring a quality viewing experience by reliably and securely delivering the highest quality Live Services to the TV Provider


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MK Encoding Live

Software-defined, cloud-based application that enables the highest quality linear live video encoding for delivery to any screen


MK RX8200

The world’s bestselling integrated receiver decoder with DVB-S2X and HEVC capabilities.



An efficient application delivering high quality content, with industry leading low latency.



The Cygnus CE1 is designed for Contribution networks requiring a variety of input interfaces alongside supporting an “All IP workflow”.


MK Director 128

This Cygnus Director 128 offers service providers powerful and effective end to end management of their contribution/distribution networks.



PRISMA core has been designed around the challenges of operators and MVPDs to help them address the increasing complexity of managing and enforcing contractual & legal obligations related to linear content rights across traditional broadcast and IP Delivery.



PRISMA Edge enables the activation of Premium TV Inventory enriched with qualified audience across all workflows (Live and Non linear) in all major streaming protocols with a TV-like experience, protecting from Audience data leakage and ensuring full compliance with privacy protection regulations.

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