NAB Show Destination 5G Theater Preview (Part 1)

NAB Show Destination 5G Theater Preview (Part 1)

By Arun Bhikshesvaran, Chief Marketing Officer, MediaKind April 1, 2019 | 2 min read
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The commercial launch of 5G is drawing ever closer. In fact, we can already see that major network deployments of 5G are emerging this year. We are already a long way down the road to realizing the potential of 5G experiences however. The next few years will see the emergence of new tools, fixed wireless access and a whole host of interactive opportunities which will unlock new and highly immersive experiences for consumers.

As the amount and types of video traffic rises globally, wireless 5G offers a unique opportunity to transform workflows. While there are clear advantages in terms of supporting devices, the increased bandwidth could have a truly transformative effect – helping to drive a revolution in how video is created, distributed and consumed by increasing the volume and speed of services, connectivity and network efficiency.

Unlike previous mobile network transitions, 5G has the potential to enable the convergence between mobility, social and broadband. The combination of 5G and media can provide a powerful, unique combination with which to create and deliver immersive experiences. It can enable content to become ever more mobile in and outside of the home, by handling incredible amounts of data and consequently, higher bandwidth to all TV everywhere devices.

As media and mobility unite, the possibilities for entertainment, sports and news video consumption are endless.  With download speeds expected to approach 1 GB/s and the growing promise of high-speed wireless LANs, the development of 5G networks will help drive the Internet of Things (IoT) and enable a transition towards a smarter, and even more connected world.

Join me at NAB Show 2019 at the Destination 5G Theater (SU13306) between April 8-10, as I explore how the future adoption of 5G will deliver TV everywhere services to bandwidth-hungry consumers, increasing speed, volume of service and driving greater revenues. From highly flexible contribution from mobile/wireless attached cameras, to advanced, live-like user experiences, I will be discussing how the growing presence of 5G represents the opportunity to deliver new, highly immersive media to consumers worldwide. My sessions include:

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