We are MediaKind: For Everyone, Everywhere

We are MediaKind: For Everyone, Everywhere

By Angel Ruiz, CEO, MediaKind July 16, 2018 | 2 min read

When I talk about MediaKind, I just can’t help but smile. This week we launched our new MediaKind identity. This represents a new beginning and underlines the special and unique culture that we have throughout the business.

I am very proud to continue as CEO and lead the global MediaKind management team, which is already busy working with our teams and customers around the world. My management team is formed of some of the most expert professionals in the TV, Telco and media world:

At MediaKind, we understand the power of media and how it is evolving. It runs in our DNA and it’s our passion. With our pioneering heritage and strong foundations – all fueled by deep innovation, we have a single goal in mind: to enable our customers to create and deliver immersive media experiences. We are uniquely positioned to help shape and lead the future of global media technology. Our award-winning technologies, established industry heritage and forward-thinking experts equip organizations with the end-to-end technology solutions needed to embrace media of all kinds.

A new global media technology leader

Technology leadership has always been at the very core of our business. It shines through at every level and is entrenched in the psyche of our people. We have helped to lead the way with first-to-market video products and solutions that have helped trigger some of the industry’s biggest technological breakthroughs.

We have recognized media innovators who have helped to shape the evolution of video and will continue to play a key role moving forward. They are the cornerstone upon which we have built MediaKind’s incredibly strong foundations, which combines the strength, power and heritage of groundbreaking media technology pioneers Aspex, Azuki Systems, Envivio, Fabrix, HyCGroup, Microsoft Mediaroom and TANDBERG Television.

From my perspective, the most interesting area for our industry will be the intersection between video, wireless and mobility. We understand that creating next generation immersive media experiences requires a combination of skills taken from the world of mobile and media. It demands a deep knowledge and expertise in delivering more than ‘just’ live and on-demand content, more than ‘just’ mobile, and instead, requires a continually expanding scope of what multiscreen media can be. Today, MediaKind is making this a mass-market reality.

We are MediaKind

With a new global identity, our mission is to be the first choice for service providers, operators, content owners and broadcasters to create and deliver immersive media experiences for everyone, everywhere.

We are focused on providing the leadership our customers need in this evolving media world by driving next-generation live and on-demand, mobile and multiscreen experiences for our customers. We are MediaKind – and we are ready to lead the future of global media technology.

You can watch the July 10 unveiling of the new MediaKind brand launch again via our global webcast, which is now available on-demand here.

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