Video Storage and Processing Platform

100% software, high-performance, scale-out video storage

The Emmy® award winning* Video Storage and Processing Platform (VSPP) solution powers a unified solution for cloud DVR, on-demand and time/place-shifted services, offering better performance, reduced latency, and much lower CAPEX and TCO.

Service providers can deliver a full range of next-generation TV services quickly, easily and cost effectively through VSPP. Built on a simplified, componentized and scalable architecture, it supports multiple services, networks and devices, offering massive scale-out and high performance.

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Simplified Architecture

Uniquely designed to unify video processing and video storage clusters. Offers streamlined architecture, maintenance and economics, while delivering superior performance.

40% Fewer Servers

Replace expensive speciality appliances and server requirements with heterogeneous Linux COTS servers


Tried and tested platform, supporting hundreds of petabytes of video storage and massive concurrent recordings and playouts with unmatched performance.

The long-term partnership between MEO, Altice’s Portuguese brand, and Mediakind remains key to deliver an integrated TV solution to our >1,5M IPTV/OTT subscribers. MK VSPP (Video Storage and Processing Platform) underpins our OTT video strategy at group level delivering Live, Restart, Catchup, and NPVR services, smoothly scaling and fast evolving, taking advantage of the latest video/storage technologies.

José Pedro Nascimento
Director of Engineering and Operations

MediaKind Max investigates cDVR and the different architectures used to deploy it

What is Cloud DVR?

What cDVR architecture types are there?

*2020 Emmy® awarded for Pioneering Deployment of the Event Signalling and Management API & AI/Optimization for Real-Time Video Compression within the VSPP solution

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