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Creating the experience – Engaging the fans

Accelerated by the global COVID-19 pandemic, the media landscape is evolving at an incredibly rapid pace and this is becoming evermore apparent where content owners/rights holders and TV Service Providers are looking to build brand loyalty and differentiate their rich and valuable content by
placing it directly into the hands of audiences and fans. In response to this evolution, an increasing number of live event content providers and rights holders are moving to live streaming or on-demand platforms.

Streaming applications can dig deeper than any broadcast or physical event by providing multiple perspectives and data feeds into a single event, be it sporting, concert, film festival, or even tradeshow each with their own specific challenges.Streaming experiences directly to the consumer can be
rapidly and cost-effectively deployed and delivered as a stand-alone service or as complementary companion service to broadcast events, broadening the content appeal, and capturing a wider audience.

This paper looks at the changing face of content delivery directly to the consumer and how this can benefit organizations that own the content and content rights. Based on real-world experience of delivering these types of events, MediaKind explores how this can be applied to different use cases to ensure a compelling way of engaging the fans and building brand loyalty.