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TV advertising: trends and opportunities

TV advertising: trends and opportunities

The world of TV advertising is now able to leverage the full potential of what the Internet can deliver to consumers. From the traditional one-to-many approach of traditional TV, advertisers now can move to one-to-one conversations with targeted audiences. This paradigm shift is fundamentally changing the advertising pipeline, from how it is sold, through to how it is displayed, and ultimately accounted for.

This transformation shapes a new kind of relationship between programmers and distributors and is creating exciting new opportunities. Programmers can now ensure that they know precisely who their audience is, enhancing the overall advertising value. For the distributor, this means they can gain new revenues from their subscriber data knowledge and monetize their TV platform more effectively.

However, the advertising landscape is still quite complex to understand. The technology is still very fragmented, there is no established industry standard, and operators may not have existing relationships with advertisers.

This paper explores the complex world of digital TV advertising, covering the industry trends, looking at who the players are, understanding where the uses cases and applications exist, and exploring how technology and standards play a vital role in delivering value to both programmers and distributors.