MediaKind Streaming Software Powers Television New Zealand’s New Sports Streaming Service

FRISCO, TEXAS, 11th April 2024 – MediaKind, a leading global media technology company, together with industry-leading technology partners Qvest and Qibb, played a major role in facilitating the launch of Television New Zealand’s (TVNZ) new sports streaming service within their TVNZ+ platform. This launch follows TVNZ’s acquisition of a number of major sporting events rights, resulting in the creation of a fully cloud-based OTT live-streaming platform.

TVNZ+’s sports streaming service, enriched by the integration of MediaKind’s streaming technology, Qvest’s expertise in systems integration, and Qibb’s cloud-native orchestration software solutions, enables the broadcaster to seamlessly scale complete workflows for multiple sports events in parallel with minimal user interventions. This achievement underscores the strong synergy between the three industry leaders in delivering a technology-driven solution that sets new standards across the streaming industry.

MediaKind provided TVNZ with Aquila Cloud, an advanced cloud-agnostic streaming solution particularly recognized for its ease of deployment within its existing AWS account. This choice enables TVNZ to focus its investments on infrastructure and streaming services, affording them unparalleled flexibility to scale according to the number of concurrent games on any given day while optimizing cost-efficiency by

In a collaborative effort with Qibb, MediaKind integrated its APIs to offer robust orchestration services, allowing TVNZ to manage its streaming service effortlessly. This automation significantly reduces the risk of human error or misconfiguration during crucial events, as the entire solution adheres to a consistent, pre-defined, and tested configuration that requires nothing more than a start API call.

Jean-Louis Acafrao, TVNZ’s GM Technology said, “the partnership between MediaKind, Qvest, and Qibb has enabled us to launch a new sports streaming service in our TVNZ+ platform that delivers for our business and meets our audience’s high expectations when it comes to consuming quality sports contents. The solution implemented in collaboration with MediaKind, Qvest, and Qibb proved exceptionally efficient, adaptable, and, above all, centered around our viewers’ needs.”

Boris Felts, Chief Product Officer, MediaKind, said: “The many benefits of our Aquila Cloud solution, together with seamless API integration and support from our key partners Qvest and Qibb, enables TVNZ to scale and manage live streaming events with an adaptable and cloud-based platform. This achievement showcases the immense potential that can emerge when industry leaders unite to address complex challenges. We’re excited to have set a new industry benchmark with the launch of TVNZ’s innovative streaming service.”

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