Ashley Spencer
EVP Legal at MediaKind

As the Executive Vice President of Legal, Ashley Spencer brings over two decades of expertise to his role, guiding and overseeing legal affairs with precision. With a robust background in corporate law and compliance, Ashley’s leadership ensures that legal strategies align seamlessly with the priorities and objectives of MediaKind and all our customers, partners and stakeholders.

Throughout his career, Ashley has demonstrated a keen understanding of complex legal issues across the technology, media, and telecommunications industries. Ashley has held pivotal leadership roles at companies such as Ericsson and Tandberg, honing skills in navigating intricate legal landscapes and executing various mergers and acquisitions.

In his role, Ashley is committed to upholding the highest ethical standards while driving the company’s growth and success. His leadership fosters a culture of compliance and integrity, ensuring that the company operates within legal boundaries while maximizing opportunities for growth and innovation.

Ashley is a proud husband and father, and enjoys reading and all-things sports, particularly football, cricket, golf and tennis.