Boris Felts
Chief Product Officer

Boris Felts, Chief Product Officer, brings unique experience and impressive leadership spanning more than two decades in the video industry, specifically in telecommunications, broadcast, and sports sectors. Charting product vision and executing on strategy, Boris has demonstrated excellence and proven consistent success in diverse business landscapes ranging from startups to successful NASDAQ IPOs, and within large corporations like Ericsson.

Boris’s expertise in product and technology leadership shines through his ability to craft robust strategies for video and media portfolios. With his profound understanding of SaaS and the media landscape, he consistently propels growth and secures competitive market positioning. Passionate about developing cutting-edge SaaS solutions for the dynamic media industry, Boris’s strategic acumen drives success by identifying areas for strategic divestment and reinvestment, ensuring continuous growth and innovation.

As an avid skier, you can find Boris conquering moguls and speeding down double black diamond slopes on his skis.