Jeff Sherwin
Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer, Jeff Sherwin is responsible for leading operational activities and elevating service delivery with a key focus around strengthening the technical capabilities and strategic commitment to the direct-to-consumer video, advertising, and sports markets. Jeff brings extensive experience managing small and large teams of technologists and analysts, both within his own organization, client organizations, and offshore development units.

A technologist-turned-entrepreneur, Jeff founded and led This Technology, Inc. to uniquely bridge the gap between TV programmers, operators, advertisers, and subscribers. Comcast later acquired This Technology in 2015, where Jeff served as VP Advertising Technology. With this full-cycle business experience and over 20 years of leadership in software products, technology services, and media businesses, Jeff proficiently implements strategic processes, manages operations, and optimizes workflows to drive the organization towards its objectives.

When Jeff is not busy ensuring operational excellence, he is a fitness advocate and enjoys daily movement including snow sports, running, cycling and cross-fit exercise. Jeff currently resides in New York, and is a loving husband and father to two children.