John Debus
Interim Chief Financial Officer

John Debus, currently serving as the Interim Chief Financial Officer, brings over 30 years of financial expertise and leadership to the team. Across his career, John has maintained a track record of consistently delivering robust financial outcomes, enhancing shareholder value, and fostering innovation in both financial and operational domains.

With notable CFO roles at BAI Connect, Digital Domain Media Group, and other esteemed organizations, John boasts a comprehensive understanding of financial operations, coupled with strong business acumen. Renowned for his capability in building cohesive teams and driving transformative change, John possesses the adeptness to simplify intricate financial matters, nurture relationships, and effectively mitigate risks, rendering him a valuable asset to any organization.

John applies his love of numbers to his passion for cooking, measuring and converting while preparing meals for his family. Beyond the kitchen, he also enjoys the craft of brewing his own beer.