Peter Faubert
Chief Financial Offer

Chief Financial Offer, Peter Faubert, brings more than three decades of financial expertise and leadership to our team. Throughout his career, Peter has established a proven track record in building high-growth companies, generating substantial shareholder value, and driving innovation across financial and operational realms of the organization.

Passionate about contributing to companies poised for expansion, Peter possesses a natural talent for highlighting the financial intricacies crucial for driving transformative change. As a Certified Public Accountant by trade, Peter’s skillset expands to all areas of finance, business administration and management as he has harnessed invaluable expertise while holding notable CFO roles at Vecna Robotics, Evolv Technology, SeaChange International, and other organizations across the technology sector. 

Beyond professional interests, Peter is a devoted father of five children who is transitioning into the next chapter of life as an empty nester. He enjoys spending his leisure time outdoors, particularly engaging in a variety of water sports.