AVP 1000 Stream Processor

Flexible And Robust

The AVP 1000 Network Adaptor is a highly flexible, configurable and cost effective platform for network adaption and MPEG transport stream processing. This enables simple “any to any” bi-directional network adaptation between ASI, IP, and G-703 interfacing, BISS scrambling and simple service level transport stream re-multiplexing. The AVP 1000 is based on a compact 1RU form factor with up to six hot swappable option slots with a single or dual PSU (Power Supply Unit) for redundant operation ensuring uptime and continual service delivery.

AVP 1000 Steam Processor

A Configurable Solution For Multiple Challenges

The AVP 1000 Network Adaptor has been designed and developed to address a number of different network adaption and transport stream processing challenges. Use cases include broadcasters migrating from a satellite link to an IP network connection who wish to keep their current encoders, which are limited to ASI output initially. It is also suitable for service providers who are operating a number of new services over an IP network and are looking for a robust solution to aggregate these feeds through a single device.

Easy Upgrades Within The MediaKind AVP Family

The AVP 1000 Network Adaptor is an integral part of MediaKind’s portfolio of Contribution products, including encoders, receivers, multiplexers and modulators. As the chassis and software are shared by the entire MediaKind AVP product range, users can easily upgrade at any time to the full AVP 2000 Contribution Encoder or AVP 3000 Voyager, including MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC and HEVC workflows. Sharing the same chassis and software code delivers significant benefits, simplifying installation, training, integration and support when compared to a multi-vendor ‘mix and match’ approach.

Extremely Resilient

All option slots are hot swappable. Reliability can be further enhanced through the addition of a dual PSU version of the chassis.

Highly Configurable

The AVP 1000 allows in-field system reconfiguration to address the widest range of contribution applications through future upgrade paths.

Simple Upgrade Based On The Avp Platform

Based on the same chassis, users can easily upgrade at any time to the entire MediaKind AVP product range.

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