Server-Side Ad Insertion

PRISMA Edge enables the activation of Premium TV Inventory enriched with qualified audience across all workflows (Live and Non linear) in all major streaming protocols with a TV-like experience, protecting from Audience data leakage and ensuring full compliance with privacy protection regulations. It comes pre-integrated with leading Ad Decisioning Servers and delivers a customized manifest for HLS, DASH and HSS streaming protocols.

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TV advertising



Audience targeting alternate content and blackout

As content becomes available on any device, media delivery becomes increasingly more complex, especially when managing viewing restrictions such as blackout and alternate content in an audience-based fashion. PRISMA Edge provides a comprehensive solution for managing audience-based targeting use cases (usually based on geo-location and device types). PRISMA Edge supports SCTE-224 policy ingest for blackout and alternate content decisioning and delivers a customized manifest depending on connected audience.


Advanced placement request routing

Depending upon applicable viewing restrictions (blackout, alternate content) or inventory ownership, PRISMA Edge implements placement routing capabilities to route your audience to the right decision entity.

Prisma Edge

Simple implementation over complex networks

Ensure enforced and contractual obligations are fulfilled over complex IP distribution architectures

Prisma Edge

Generate new revenue streams

Monetize existing and new ad inventories created by an ever increasing, non-linear content consumption (VOD/Catchup, Restart/Time-Shift TV). Also from high quality, first-party Audience data, inherited from long-standing relationships with end-users

Prisma Edge

Scale dynamically as you

By deploying a fully elastic and scalable containerized software solution

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