Aquila On-Demand

Aquila On-Demand

Aquila On-Demand is the MediaKind solution addressing video on demand use cases within the area of Consumer Delivery. It enables the ingest, transformation, processing, storage and delivery for file-based video content. In addition, these premium streaming services enable innovative consumer experiences with flexible deployment and operating choices.

Key Values

Optimizing the cost of OTT delivery

Since OTT content is typically delivered via unicast, where every viewer receives a unique copy of the stream, Aquila On-Demand optimizes bandwidth usage to minimize distribution costs and network load.

Simplifying integration

On demand service workflows involve various components from content providers to end-user delivery. Aquila On-Demand offers an open REST API as well as a Watch Folders ingest methodology that eases the integration with content providers and Content Management Systems.

Multi-device delivery

Traditionally delivered on TV screens via set top box only, consumer demand for video on-demand content continues to explode on other more mobile devices such as tablets, laptops, smartphones and with the increasing use of streaming main screen devices such as smart TVs and consumer streaming boxes. Aquila On-Demand provides a unique solution to address all these consumer devices by adapting both encoding and delivery.

Aquila On-Demand solution workflow

Aquila On-Demand

Deliver a better consumer experience

Ensure highest video quality and guaranteed performance across multiple codecs (MPEG-2, H.264 & HEVC) delivered to multiple consumer devices

Rapid time to market

Deploy a unified solution to address all networks and all infrastructures (COTS servers, IT datacenter & private and public clouds) and ensure a rapid ROI for valuable content

Operationally efficient

Optimize the footprint with an underlying micro-services design, that provides deployment flexibility, allows scalability according to demand and delivers a highly available service

Live Streaming 2020 - Shifting Consumer Habits

Innovative developments in live streaming technologies, along with significant investments into broadband capabilities, have set the industry standard for the modern TV experience. Immersive and compelling content is now expected for most live and on-demand events, offering an experience that is comparable to ‘being there’.


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