Capture the moment. Secure. Distribute.


Cygnus enables content providers, broadcasters and service providers to securely and reliably acquire, backhaul and distribute the highest quality content anywhere, ensuring viewers around the world never miss a minute of the action.

Key Values

Meet Changing Consumer Demands

To meet the ever evolving demands of the consumer for the multiscreen entertainment era, Cygnus’ flexible processing applications can be configured to provide many different resolutions from sub-SD all the way to 4K UHD/HDR.

Personalizing Content

Delivering consumers what they want, where they want isn’t just about providing more, higher quality content. Cygnus’ high density encoding applications reduce the expense associated with acquiring and distributing live content ever more compelling and tailored to individual consumers.

Enabling Operational Flexibility

Cygnus leverages distributed processing capabilities to maintain quality while reducing the required footprint for media processing functions.

Maximizing ROI

Cygnus secures valuable content from the point of origin to the point of reception, enables the regionalization of content and advertising and is also architected to fit existing workflows in order to maximise the return on investment for a broadcaster or TV Service Provider.

Cygnus’ place in the MediaKind Universe

The MediaKind Universe is about people, content and how it is consumed.

Our universe is centered on people. People are creating and consuming media on a variety of devices at locations of their choice around the clock. The shift in consumption habits is particularly pronounced and their expectations center on popular, unique and curated content, experienced on a screen of their choice with the best possible quality. Additional preferences on advertising and payment methods complete the total picture.

In the complete picture, there are several trajectories that content producers, distributors and service providers can take to cater to the needs of consumers. Each of these trajectories manifest in the real-world as defined workflows and pose requirements on quality, security, latency, time- and device-shift capabilities. These trajectories or workflows are also the home for content producers, distributors and service providers in the universe. While some industry players might be found in more than one trajectory based on their assets and capabilities, the requirements to bridge across trajectories in order to reach the consumer remain common. The task of delivering the content that consumers crave requires multiple, modern solutions to deliver the consumer experience while also being efficient to deploy, manage and evolve.

The MediaKind Universe presents a set of solutions that fit in these trajectories and enable the smooth flow of content towards the center of the universe – consumers. Orion, Aquila, Pictor, Cygnus and Vega represent the complete capabilities as Solutions in the MediaKind Universe.

Content itself is generated from live events and produced content and this in turn, is delivered to content distributors, who deliver this to broadcasters, cable operators and other TV Service Providers to package up with additional and, sometimes, locally produced content. This is where our Cygnus solution family plays a critical role in securing and maintaining the integrity of the content while minimizing the latency of the delivery.


Customer Testimonial

“When it comes to the leading sporting events, our subscribers expect to enjoy the highest levels of quality possible, whether in high or ultra-high definition. Their perception of the quality of experience ultimately derives from the successful and reliable delivery of the content to all of their available devices, screens and platforms. The compression performance of Ericsson Media Solutions’ encoding will enable us to reliably deliver an important live premier golf tournament straight to our viewers.”

John Ward

Senior Vice President of Content Operations,
AT&T Mobility and Entertainment


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MediaKInd contribution solutions support both content providers and rightsholders in acquiring and sharing high value live content with broadcasters and network operators around the world.


Content Distribution

Hundreds of broadcasters, content owners and service providers rely on Cygnus to securely transmit thousands of channels of high quality content to tens of thousands of receive devices around the world.