Tailored engineering services.

MediaKind’s Engineering Services is an out-of-the-box offering that combines its developers, engineers, testers, and program managers’ strength and technical expertise. This cohesive team brings together in-depth knowledge of media alongside years of software development experience to enable customers to deploy services faster, from conception to operations.

MediaKind’s Engineering Services enable customers to deliver customizations, integrations, and adaptations, fulfilling the needs of their business objectives and timelines. The team’s deep understanding of the media ecosystem ensures full security against external and internal attacks. MediaKind also performs regular system audit checks to
ensure the health and performance of all media solution setups and environments.

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  • Customization

  • Technology Innovation

  • Media Security

Designed to develop new, innovative customised components and/or solutions that fulfil your needs.

Our in-depth subject matter expertise in media, coupled with years of software development experience, enables faster deployment of your concept from inception to operations.

Our deep understanding of Media ecosystem enables us to help secure your environment from external and internal attacks.

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