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Integrate. Test. Stabilize.

MediaKind’s Implementation Services enable users to take projects from inception to reality. Its expert team is adept at delivering rapid deployments using proven methods and processes for architectural design, installation, environment integration, and stabilization.

MediaKind Implementation Services have developed several architectural designs that can be used for reference and to accelerate integrations. From technical specifications to interface definition and implementation processes, these designs come with detailed documentation deliverables for use throughout a project roll-out until solutions are live within the user environment.

Based on a series of automation tools, the MediaKind team enables users to combine relevant components into an effective end-to-end solution integrated within their environment. Whether in support of single or multiple components, MediaKind’s Implementation Services follow robust configuration and change management processes handled by engineering leads and project managers.

Following the successful implementation and integration of solutions into the user environment, the MediaKind team executes a series of functional, performance, and failover tests to ensure the solution remains stable and aligned with pre-agreed specifications.

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  • Architecture Design

  • Rapid Implementation

  • Environment Integration

  • Stabilization

MediaKind Professional Services have developed several typical architectural designs used for reference and to accelerate your implementation specifics. Including technical specifications, interface definition and implementation processes these designs come with detailed documentation deliverables used along a project roll out until the solutions goes live confidently.

Our typical architecture deliverables

  • High-Level and Low-level design documentation
  • Network flows
  • Interfaces specification
  • Product references
  • Validation test cases

Based on automation tools, MediaKind Professional Services are used to rapidly implement the component making your solution together. Either single or multiple components, the Implementation services are following robust configuration and change management process handled by Engineering leads and Project Managers. As a result, the implemented solution is integrated within your environment according to the technical specifications documented earlier.

Integration within your environment is a key stage of the overall implementation, which drives to end-to-end effectiveness of the MediaKind solution. MediaKind can address several integration areas as you need, including but not limited to:

In addition to the tests performed with our products, the MediaKind Implementation teams execute specific tests after the solution has been implemented and integrated in your environment to verify the implementation is according to specs. These tests defined at solution’s design time are executed until they produce the expected functional and performance results. Several tests are performed in sequence:

  • Functional tests
  • Performance tests
  • Failover tests

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