• Tangerine Global’s CITRUS® turn-key solution enables Mediaroom customers to benefit from agile, innovative and economic advantages of cloud technologies
  • CITRUS is based on MediaKind’s MediaFirst SaaS TV service, a member of the Orion family of solutions that forms part of the wider MediaKind Universe portfolio
  • Enables small and mid-sized Pay TV operators to deliver fast-to-market immersive OTT experiences

MediaKind, a global media entertainment technology leader, today announces that it is strengthening its collaboration with entertainment services provider, Tangerine Global, by enhancing their ‘CITRUS’ managed solution with new cloud-based capabilities. Based on MediaKind’s MediaFirst software as a service (SaaS) platform, the end-to-end media solution enables small and mid-sized Pay TV operators to rapidly evolve their offerings and deliver breakthrough immersive OTT media experiences today, with the potential to scale further in the future. Tangerine Global is the system’s integrator, service provider and 24/7 monitoring and support center.

The enhanced CITRUS solution offers a seamless and affordable pathway for existing Mediaroom customers to enhance their existing on-premise IPTV deployments, by leveraging the modern user experience and OTT delivery capabilities of MediaFirst, a member of the Orion family of solutions that forms part of the wider MediaKind Universe portfolio that will debut at IBC 2018. Alternatively, by partly migrating deployed instances to the CITRUS cloud, Mediaroom customers can elect to reduce existing OPEX, including platform upgrade support and licensing costs.

Greg Pasetta, President and CEO, Tangerine Global, says: “Today’s consumers are demanding access to highly personalized, immersive offerings that inspire, offer ease of access and deliver the ultimate experience, both in and out of the home. We are excited to extend our long-running partnership with MediaKind and enhance the CITRUS solution with new end-to-end cloud-based capabilities. This highly scalable turn-key solution will offer our customers with new OTT content offerings that provide the best possible experience, at the best possible cost.”

The fully hosted, multi-tenant managed solution combines the strengths of traditional Pay TV service quality and content depth, alongside the personalization, interactivity and multiscreen viewing capabilities of compelling OTT TV offerings. CITRUS provides Pay TV operators with the agility, innovation and economic benefits of modern cloud technologies and web services, utilizing a flexible, modular infrastructure. In doing so, the solution opens up new opportunities to create, manage and deliver next-generation OTT services across multiple devices, while offering more effective content recommendation through MediaFirst’s advanced data analytics.

Mark Russell, Chief Technology & Strategy Officer, MediaKind, says: “Today’s service providers face a challenge to deliver truly seamless, cost effective and personalized services that allow them to stand out from the crowd and thrive in a highly competitive TV landscape. Through Tangerine Global’s CITRUS cloud-based solution, we are enabling businesses of all sizes to have flexible, scalable means to increase monetization potential and drive greater interactivity and multiscreen viewing capabilities for the first time. We are helping the media industry to respond to ever-changing consumer expectations and behaviors by evolving their offerings and providing the means to adapt to the next shift in the future of media.”

MediaKind’s MediaFirst TV Platform is an end-to-end media platform for the creation, management and delivery of next generation, Pay TV. By virtualizing managed and OTT services, MediaFirst affords Pay TV providers the economics, agility and innovation of web services. Embracing all content sources and delivery networks, MediaFirst TV Platform provides a converged multiscreen experience including Pay TV in-home, TV Everywhere and OTT services.


About MediaKind

MediaKind launched on 10th July as the new brand identity for Ericsson Media Solutions. For background on MediaKind, please visit: www.mediakind.com and read the launch press release here.

About MediaKind at IBC

At IBC 2018, MediaKind will show how it is enabling content owners, broadcasters and service providers to evolve, adapt and shift to new and dynamic workflows with its portfolio of next generation solutions and services. Visitors to the stand will experience how MediaKind is driving innovation across contribution & distribution, direct to consumer, video delivery networks, content discovery & personalization, and global services & support. For further information please visit here.

About Tangerine Global

Tangerine Global is a Media Service Provider with turn-key IPTV and OTT platforms, services, content and 24/7 support to the residential and commercial markets. It’s unique cloud-based CITRUS solutions provide a significantly lower cost approach for smaller to mid-size operators.