Aquila Streaming

Aquila Streaming

Aquila Streaming is the solution for processing & delivering video over any streaming network (Cable, IPTV & OTT) to any device, whilst enabling a broadcast like experience. This ensures a consistent experience for the consumer whether they are viewing their favourite media on the big screen or on their devices. The solution provides broadcast quality video encoding capabilities alongside the latest packaging formats for delivery to OTT, or converged broadcast applications. Aquila Streaming also creates new revenue streams with digital ad-insertion and enables managing the headend lifecycle by leveraging cloud-native applications. The solution is available as an appliance, software (which can be deployed on reference or dedicated hardware), private or public cloud, or as a MediaKind delivered service.

Live Streaming – Delivering Broadcast-quality experience

From On-demand to Live – The evolution of ABR Technology

Cloud aaS – What it means for media industry?

Aquila - HDR Content Solutions

Key Solution Values

Delivered as a Service

Aquila Streaming as a Service leverages benefits of the overall Aquila Streaming solution for processing video for OTT delivery, and extends these to offer them as a fully managed service.

This type of solution deployment enables some key additional benefits:

  • Faster time to market for media content
  • Peace of mind from proven integration with ecosystem partners to offer a full turn-key solution
  • Significant cost efficiencies from the reduction of locally deployed equipment procurement or management needed since the solution leverages public cloud infrastructure
  • Reduced in-house operational requirements and lifecycle management cost implications as these are handled by MediaKind
  • Applications supported for 24/7 live channels, occasional use/events, and additional use cases such as disaster recovery for on premises headends


Key Consumer Values

  • Delivering more content, more rapidly with an optimized Picture Quality regardless of resolution (SD, HD, UHD)
  • Putting the consumer experience first when viewing live or social media related events by delivering broadcast-like low latency OTT services
  • Ensuring consumers have a rich user experience across all devices, anywhere.

Cloud aaS – What does this mean for the media industry?

Join Arnaud Caron, Director Portfolio Transformation, as he addresses why ‘as-a-Service’ models are now table stakes across the media and entertainment industry. Based on the findings of MediaKind application paper, this webinar will explore various cloud-based models and the future potential of Software-as-a Service (SaaS) models.


Live Streaming 2020 - Shifting Consumer Habits

Innovative developments in live streaming technologies, along with significant investments into broadband capabilities, have set the industry standard for the modern TV experience. Immersive and compelling content is now expected for most live and on-demand events, offering an experience that is comparable to ‘being there’.


Creating the experience - Engaging the fans

Accelerated by the global COVID-19 pandemic, the media landscape is evolving at an incredibly rapid pace and this is becoming evermore apparent where content owners/rights holders and TV Service Providers are looking to build brand loyalty and differentiate their rich and valuable content by placing it directly into the hands of audiences and fans.


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MK Encoding Live

Software-defined, cloud-based application that enables the highest quality linear live video encoding for delivery to any screen


MK Packaging Live

Video packaging application, enabling the distribution, personalization and monetization of multiscreen high quality video services, integrated across devices.


MediaKind Stream Processing

Software-based stream processing application that ensures high availability and delivery efficiency of services on all broadcast and multiscreen platforms.



PRISMA core has been designed around the challenges of operators and MVPDs to help them address the increasing complexity of managing and enforcing contractual & legal obligations related to linear content rights across traditional broadcast and IP Delivery.



PRISMA Edge enables the activation of Premium TV Inventory enriched with qualified audience across all workflows (Live and Non linear) in all major streaming protocols with a TV-like experience, protecting from Audience data leakage and ensuring full compliance with privacy protection regulations.

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