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Jay Ganesan, SVP & Head – APAC, talks about Live Streaming and how cloud can help the media industry transform and deliver the immersive experiences that the consumers expect.

Delivering a digital experience

We understand the power of media and how it is evolving . It runs in our DNA. It’s our passion

Account Manager at MediaKind, explains that the customers are looking for agility

Senior Software Engineer at MediaKind, talks about how the broadcasters are exploring the shift from Hardware based compression systems

Head of Portfolio Management at MediaKind, explains MediaKind Universe where consumer is at its centre and the portfolio focuses on the services they seek.

Principal Technologist at MediaKind talks about the key trends in Media Industry, especially the growing interest towards Low Latency Solution for ABR delivered Live Content

Head of Innovation at MediaKind, talks about Cygnus 360° Events, the As-a-Service 360° video encoding platform hosted in the public cloud.

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