Cloud DVR and Time Shift TV

Cloud DVR and Time Shift TV

Our 100% software-based storage and processing platform is ideal for all Cloud DVR & Time Shift TV applications, even hybrid implementations in which some recordings are private and others are shared. The platform offers greater flexibility and can scale-out to support hundreds of petabytes of video storage as well as massive amounts of concurrent recordings and playouts. Recording, packaging, transcoding, streaming, encryption, and ad insertion are all integrated and optimized for media workflows. There is no need for “silos”. This disruptive technology is not only cost efficient, secure, field proven across the globe, and flexible but the performance is unmatched.

Key Values

Cost Effective at Massive Scale

Solution is hardware agnostic, supporting generic Linux x86 servers (as well as public & private clouds).

Built-in Data Loss Protection

In the case of any storage failures lost video chunks are reconstituted automatically.

Flexible Components Supporting All Business Cases

The Cloud DVR & Time Shift TV solution provides a variety of optional components if needed by operators

Application view

Solution Area Cloud DVR & Time Shift TV serves as the Pictor Solution Family integrated storage and processing flagship for all live and on demand media content and workflows

  • Configurations for Cloud DVR, Time Shift TV, Catch-Up TV, Start-Over and VOD Origin
  • On-premise servers, and private or public clouds.
  • All prevalent video encoding and streaming formats are supported.
  • Private, Shared or Hybrid recordings supported.
  • Robust Scheduler available as optional.
  • Centralized and/or Edge network packaging and streaming supported.

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