Video Delivery Network

Video Delivery Network

The Video Delivery Network functions in the Pictor Solution Family focus on the edge network and specific challenges of distributed customer topologies. This includes solutions for edge network video caching and streaming as well as edge network VOD session management to handle large-scale customer demand for VOD rentals in a mixed legacy/OTT device reality. Video Delivery Network solutions capitalize on the strengths of centralized storage, processing and functionality by offloading unique customer media needs downstream in the network to alleviate core backbone bandwidth demands. The clear focus on Increasing ROI of your video content and decreased TCO of your platform ensure you have the right balance of performance across you network.

Key Values

Cost Effective Edge Network Delivery of Unicast & Multicast Streaming

Single ABR headend infrastructure, at the network edge, for linear and On Demand streaming to any screen size and type (legacy STB or OTT/mobile) including an advanced video cache.

Regional and Targeted Ad Insertion in Real-Time

Integrated manifest manipulator to support multiple key advertising use cases.

Built to Scale On Demand Workflows in Distributed Topologies

Distributed solution to balance, scale and manage complex On Demand workflows (sessions) for legacy and new OTT devices to provide a seamless VOD viewing experience.

Delivery to Network Edge

Solution Area Video Delivery Network serves as the Pictor Solution Family edge distribution, storage and workflow manager, saving your core network.

  • Media Edge product of Solution Area Video Delivery Network.
  • Provides local video cache at neighbourhood level of topology (no CDN required).
  • Receives all content via standard transports.
  • Localized packaging & streaming of all ABR content supporting all prevalent standards.
  • Localized unicast for legacy cable STB’s.
  • Localized Multicast for Managed IPTV STB’s.
  • Alleviates core network bandwidth demands by pushing local and common content out to local system for storage & streaming.

VOD Session Management

Solution Area Video Delivery Network serves as the Pictor Solution Family edge distribution, storage and workflow manager, saving your core network

  • NextGen virtual platform designed for geo-redundancy, with the ability to deploy at the national level, or regionally, or both in a layered fashion.
  • Manages session control, VOD play/pause/FF/REW.
  • Resource management, finding available QAM or IP stream availability.
  • Builds Catalog offerings, navigational flows for VOD surfing and ordering.
  • Manages bookmarks shared between any screen-type for the same rental and rental information between device types.
  • Supports divergent market-based pricing schemes.
  • SDK for adapting any back-office or downstream client interfaces into workflow.

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