MediaKind Management Controller

MediaKind’s Unified Solution To A Wide Array Of Video Processing Challenges

MediaKind’s robust cloud-based video processing solution is bursting with a stunning range of capabilities. The MediaKind software video processing family has been developed as a suite of applications which address the full media processing requirements of TV Service Providers. It is the single most advanced cloud-based and virtualized video processing solution in the industry, powering the very latest immersive TV experiences.

MediaKind Management Controller

Reach Consumers On Any Screen

MediaKind Management Controller makes it easy to deliver the latest video services to reach consumers on any screen with maximum efficiency. Packed with a rich suite of management functions, the operator has everything they need to control and monitor the powerful suite of applications in the MediaKind Video Processing portfolio. MediaKind Management Controller is designed around managing media and TV services first and foremost.

Streamlined Video Processing Management

MediaKind Management Controller optimizes the underlying processing capabilities of all MediaKind Video Processing applications, making it easy to access and implement even the most complex of workflows. The result is a significant reduction in operational complexity, with faster training, and less hands-on time spent engaging with the application itself.

Unified Interface

The service-oriented construction results in a video processing management tool that gives a centralized overview of an entire processing ecosystem from a single interface

Optimizing Opex

The simple and intuitive interface is designed with a busy user in mind, resulting in a reduction in training time.

Rapid & Flexible Service Deployment

Highly versatile and efficient, making service deployment fast, and maximising return on content investment.

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